About Us

We at AskExcell are a team of highly motivated people, who have the passion for technology and love working on challenging projects. We are constantly working on developing new designs using macro in excel and keeping abreast with the latest trends in the industry. 

Our Experience is backed by:  

– 16+ years experience in versatile domains (Banking, Travel, Telecom, Product-based Company, and Startups)

– 200+ reports, 20+ dashboards, and 60+ customised projects, including automations as per requirements.

– We are currently working on upcoming projects.

– We have had the privilege to work with big brands as esteemed employees: Tech Mahindra business services, Accenture, Thomas cook, Citi Bank, Wipro, Eclerx, Serco, Teleperformance, Clover infotech, ICICI Bank and BNP Paribas

Our AIM at AskExcell is to offer complete end-to-end solutions in terms of customised reports, dashboards, projects, and outsourcing opportunities to our clients (B2B & B2C) at affordable prices, so that everyone can benefit through the dynamic and ever-evolving technology. As a VBA & Macro service provider, we work towards providing a holistic combination of new solutions as well as maintenance of your unorganised business, start-ups, B2B, B2C, Individual projects, and Outsourcing projects/departments.FTE. As accomplished Excel Macros and VBA developer, our devised solutions are designed to give your business an edge over others in your industry.  Our Core Values:
  • We are committed to our client’s (B2B & B2C) success
  • Deliver more than what is expected
  • Be transparent in all aspects of our operations
  In the corporate world, there is a huge demand for analytical data. It is one of the most common tools that are used by people to analyse data. With evolving technologies, Excel has been sidelined and new applications have been boosted. However, we believe that Excel has the potential to perform various tasks with low maintenance as they consume less disk size with a budget friendly approach.    The best part of using Excel over other applications are:  
  1.  It is easy to use and cost-effective
  2.  It’s a pre-installed application on all Windows based machines so anyone can use it without installing anything else
  3.  It’s an offline application so does not require internet connection for usage
  4. It can be used by any individual who knows how to use a computer without requiring any special training from an expert
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